LETGEN welcome

Welcome to LETGEN, the Laboratory of Ecotoxicology and Comparative Genomics in the Biology Department at Chaminade University. We are interested in how air pollutant gasses and particulates may contribute to development of chronic lung diseases. Our work is primarily with cell lines and involves gene expression profiling. We study the effects of ozone, a common component of urban smog as a model air pollutant, and sulfur dioxide and other components of Hawaii’s VOG on differentiation and proliferation of cells. Ozone is not a pollutant of particular concern here in Hawaii, but because the levels of ozone are typically low we can study effects without the need for elaborate efforts to reduce background levels. We use qPCR and focused pathway microarray approaches in our work and have developed a significant bioinformatics effort as well.

The work is open to undergraduates at Chaminade and we frequently host Hawaii State Science Fair students. Chaminade students have worked on many different projects and generally present their findings at ABRCMS, SACNAS, and other society meetings. Chaminade students should contact Dr. Dohm for opportunities to contribute.

About this site

This site includes links to Dr Dohm’s Moodle site for the Natural Sciences at Chaminade University and registered access to protocols and databases in use by our LETGEN staff.
The LETGEN site also includes Dr Dohm’s blog. The blog contains brief articles about Dr Dohm’s research and teaching interests plus technical “how to” odds and ends related to supporting student efforts with their computers in bioinformatics.