Changing the LibreOffice bibliography database

Goal: replace or update the default bibio database in LibreOffice with a user defined database.

For citations and building a bibliography in LibreOffice Write, please see this previous post

  1. Find the default bibiography database. On my Mac, the LibreOffice bibliography database, biblio.odb, is located at [username]/Library/Application Support/LibreOffice/4/user/database/
  2. rename the file, e.g., default_biblio.odb
  3. Export database from JabRef. I tried several options, the best results I had was saving the database as sxc spreadsheet, the LibreOffice format.
  4. Import the spreadsheet file into LibreOffice Base and save as a odb database.
  5. File → New → Database
  6. which brings up the Database Wizard. Select Connect to an existing database, and select “Spreadsheet” from the drop-down menu.
  7. Click “Next” to continue. Browse to find the spreadsheet file, then press Next again. Accept the defaults (Yes, register the database for me, Open the database for editing), and click Finish to save the database.
  8. LibreOffice Base will open and display your references. Make changes as needed. Then quit base and proceed to connect the exported database so that it will
  9. LibreOffice → Preferences→ LibreOffice→ Base→ Databases.
  10. Click on “New” and browse to the location of your saved bibliography.
  11. Then, update the entry in Registered name so that it reads “Bibliography”
  12. Click OK. If all goes well, when you access references in LibreOffice Write via the Tools → Bibliography database command, then your bibliography will be present.